Iva Kontic


triptych acrylic on canvas

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Within is a painting series depicting four different panoramic views from a window almost in natural size. In each painting, the cropped dark house interior is juxtaposed to a fragment of architecture of an urban landscape. Based on the autobiographical reference, Within has its starting point in my memories related to the context of my hometown Belgrade - to deal in a broader sense with the interceptions of fragments of intimate and collective memory, read as ‘spatialities’ and ‘objects’ of one’s experience. Using the strong apparent figurative-realism as its formal language to construct images on one hand, and the potential simulation of the “real space” through its dimension on the other, Within questions the very possibility of representing a reality which is bound by the past and the personal. Eventually resulting flat and undefined, the paintings’ intent to document and specify ‘there and then’ remains suppressed and concealed in front of the viewer.